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Abengoa Video

Abengoa applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from seawater. The video introduces the audience to Abengoa’s future plans with renewable energy.


In Asia-Pacific, ENGIE has developed a solution that will help remote communities to produce cleaner and cheaper energy. The power solution combines solar energy with hydrogen energy storage and is capable of delivering electricity 24/7 without emitting CO2, at a competitive price. The animated video, shows how this solution is ideal to replace petrol and diesel generators.

HCL Big Data Video

HCL’s Big Data Lake enables businesses to have timely access to data enabling deeper and more holistic analysis of all the enterprise data assets. Their solutions enable a business to innovate and operate at the speed of digital commerce with rapid access to any data and right analytics. The video created by a an animated video marketing agency shows how HCL’s Big Data Lake can help businesses reduce downtime by predicting failure, optimize maintenance plans etc.

S&P Global Video

S&P Global Market Intelligence is a leading provider of financial and industry data, research, news and analytics to investment professionals, government agencies, corporations and universities worldwide. It collects, scrubs, interprets, and analyzes vast volumes of content, turning it into actionable intelligence. The animated video, created by an animated video marketing agency highlights how S&P Global Market Intelligence delivers the data and insight needed to make informed, smarter business decisions and investment decisions that are critical to the future.

KPIT Video

KPIT combines extensive manufacturing industry experience and manufacturing execution systems expertise to deliver stellar MES solutions for businesses. Their solution seamlessly integrates with PLM, ERP and shop floor through preconfigured adapters to improve asset utilization and reduce production time. The video created by an animated video marketing agency video details how KPIT can help your business achieve manufacturing excellence.

XOOM Video

XOOM offers our green energy products enabling you to purchase renewable energy. Produced from solar, wind and water resources, this clean energy never runs out. It arrives at your house or business just like your old power did, no hassles. The video created by an animated video marketing agency talks about how you can feel good about your power usage.

Active Share Video

Active Share is one tool that can help answer the question by accurately measuring how similar the securities in a fund are to its benchmark. Active Share calculates the percentage of a fund’s holdings that deviates from benchmark holdings and/or benchmark weights. The video created by an animated video marketing agency explains how it can offer you insights into the likelihood that a fund will outperform its benchmark.

Shell Video

Shell’s Quest carbon capture and storage (CCS) is designed to capture and safely store more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. CCS is one of the only technologies that can significantly reduce carbon emissions from industrial sectors of the economy. The video created an animated video marketing agency shows how the project can capture one-third of the emissions and refine it into fuel and other products.

E-builder Video

e-Builder is a construction project management software that manages capital program cost, schedule and documents through a world-class workflow and business intelligence. The video created by an animated video marketing agency elegantly covers all the aspects of construction and how it can help increase productivity.

Google Survey Video

Google Surveys is an online market research platform that makes it easy to get fast, reliable insights from consumers across the internet and on mobile devices, allowing you to make more informed business decisions, understand your marketing impact and keep a pulse on the health of your brand. The video created by an animated video marketing agency shows how Google Surveys makes it easy to reach your target audience by helping you make day-to-day business decisions based on their research.

ReviewPush Video

ReviewPush is a leading online review management tool for businesses. It helps business owners and corporations monitor online reviews from across the web to manage online reviews appropriately and request new online reviews from loyal & regular customers. The animated video created by an animated video marketing agency introduces ReviewPush’s easy to use online review management tool.

InsightBee Video

InsightBee is an easy-to-use, cloud-based business and market research platform delivering quality intelligence to enterprise teams and small businesses alike. They deliver custom insights anytime, anywhere, on any device and help you extend your research capabilities. The animated video created by an animated video marketing agency shows how InsightBee helps their customers to make informed business decisions with sharper insights.

Telefonica Video

Telefonics Cyber Security services provide intelligence to clients to help them detect internal and external threats, using that intelligence to implement preventive measures that helps to minimize threats and create reactive measure to deal with inevitable attacks. The video created by an animated video marketing agency uses great visuals to highlight the deep knowledge needed to tackle the Cyber Security of today.

Epson Ink Tank Video

Epson Ink tank Printers are one of its kind printers in the market as of now. Using this Device you print directly via the memory card slot, USB port or PictBridge. Epson’s Ink Tank Printers deliver unrivalled economy, letting you enjoy an ultra high page yield at very low running costs. If you are looking to buy a printer irrespective of where you might install it, you should definitely check out this animated video, created by an animated video marketing agency.

Teradata Video

Teradata offers big data solutions for retailers helping them boost performance by assembling the right components in a seamless, stable and sustainable way. It acquires data from various sources such as operational and functional systems, machine logs and sensors, Web and social and other to enable the capture and efficiently manage data. The video created by an animated video marketing agency highlights how Teradata can help you harness and exploit the full potential of big data assets to create and increase business value.

Philips Air Quality Video

Philips Professional Air Quality Solutions improves the quality of indoor air by filtering out pollutants such as fine particles, harmful gases, irritating allergens and even bacteria and viruses. Their air purifiers use HEPA filters to remove airborne particles that can trigger allergies and respiratory conditions. The video created by an animated video marketing agency video details the causes and effects of impure indoor air and how their nsolution can help you mitigate them.

Shelter Video

Shelter is a charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. They achieve this by giving advice, information and advocacy to people in housing need and by campaigning for lasting political change to end the housing crisis. The video created by an animated video marketing agency connects with the housing crisis and how you can help them succeed.

IntelProIQ Video

InteProIQ understands the complexity of business data breach concerns and provides information security training, testing and compliance management. They replace scary and intimidating with a straight-forward, self-enabled program. The animated video, created by an animated video marketing agency speaks about the existing data security threats and how IntelProIQ can safeguard you from them.

Tabuk Video

Tabuk Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest private pharmaceutical company, with over several registered products and commercial operations in several countries. They work hand in hand with international partners, adapting to their specific needs and provide them with tailor made solutions.The animated video, created by an animated video marketing agency highlights Tabuk Pharmaceutical and their daily operations & aspirations.

Samsung Video

Samsung is one of the world’s leading mobile phone maker. The company also manufacturers things such as televisions, cameras and electronic components. Watch the animated video, created by an animated video marketing agency, to find out how Kantar Media Division, Cymphony, with their thorough understanding of social media helped Samsung to build brand awareness.